Dell announced last April that they would pull out of the laser printing industry and restructure their production. Dell will continue to sell printers but these will be branded partners. The transition will begin in mid-May and end around the end of July 2018.

Nevertheless, the company will continue to serve its customers with their Dell branded printers and they will continue to provide customer support for those who own Dell Laser Printers under warranty.



A little over 10 years ago, Certified Cartridges was a project I was doing on the side while at the university. Today, we’ve been ranked 68th on the PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth.

In fact, Certified Cartridges recorded five-year revenue growth of 1,012%. Just 82 Quebec companies made this prestigious list, and Certified Cartridges ranks among the top 10.

I am so proud of our team. You’d like to know about our recipe for success? Read on!

When the company was founded, there were just two of us. Now we have a staff of some 90 employees. The majority of our sales are conducted online, and we serve more than 30,000 corporate and individual customers across Canada and the United States.

The growth of Certified Cartridges reflects an emerging entrepreneurial trend that I have long believed in. As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to take concrete steps to contribute to the sustainable and social development of our community. At Certified Cartridges, this mindset has been deeply rooted in our DNA since day one.

In fact, the company’s growth accelerated when we introduced a collection service for empty ink cartridges, which now diverts 2.2 million cartridges from landfill each year.

Five years ago, I sought out a partnership with Montreal’s Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle et en troubles envahissants du développement or CRDITED de Montréal, a rehabilitation centre for developmental impairment and pervasive developmental disorders.

This partnership provides us with the opportunity to work with people who have a physical disability such as deafness or an intellectual disability such as autism or Down syndrome. Each individual brings his or her own expertise and personality to our team and contributes to the success and growth of Certified Cartridges.

I like to call us the Feel Good Company. Every decision we make aims to promote a healthy work environment and happy employees.

These two factors have a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers and account in no small part for their loyalty.

In 2012, our company was ranked 21st among emerging Canadian companies with the highest growth, recording 399% growth in the six years since its founding. In 2015, we gained our first recognition from the PROFIT 500, ranking 71st.

Today, I sincerely thank our customers for their confidence in us and the entire Certified Cartridges team. This honor is rightfully yours!


Last April, we were visited by the team of the AMI-télé show Ça Me Regarde in our Montreal warehouse to shoot a segment about Certified Cartridges. Their intention was to feature our diversified workforce and show the value of the involvement with people with physical and intellectual limitations.

In the segment below, Matthieu Laroche, CEO of Certified Cartridges, explains why he has turned to organizations specialized in caring for people with developmental disabilities to find workforce to fill monotonous jobs. You will also have the opportunity to meet Miguel Da Silva, one of our accountants who has autism and has found his dream job at Certified Cartridges.

Hosted by Christine Rousseau and Kéven Breton and broadcasted on AMI-télé, Ça Me Regarde presents the latest news, services and new technologies in the world of disability.

Unfortunately, the video is only available in French.


Printer technology is gradually going towards Bluetooth and cloud printing. A good portion of printers sold today do not even have a port made for cable connection. Increasing paradoxically their flexibility in both domestic and office use, this newly dominating technology liberates its users from the constraints of the previous physical infrastructure of the traditional workspace.

This change in a work environment can equate to a heightened productivity and even a reduction in costs. The centralization possibilities that cloud printing allow medium and large size businesses is nothing short of a revolution for printing automation. The versatility of cloud connected printers is also apparent at home for personal use as for the number of devices compatible with the technology making is easier to print from a distance.

It is however the quality that composes the flaw of these wireless printers. If there is but only one issue throughout the signals and commands, it can result in a failure of the whole system, halting the production. Technician help is almost a requirement to maintain a cloud printing system because of its complexity. For businesses, the transition to a virtual printing infrastructure may reduce flexibility in terms of cloud provider interchangeability. It becomes generally very difficult to migrate from provider or cloud system.

This technology is however in constant evolution and offers improvement for the years to come. The commercial and domestic printing industry is in rapid evolution towards a wireless future gradually correcting its flaws.